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What Are A Khata, B Khata & E Khata & Why Are They Important?

Building houses or properties that become our permanent homes isn’t easy. The difference between A Khata, B Khata & E Khata. The owner of a certain property has paid the requisite property tax and owns it legally. BBMP introduced this document to make the tax collection process easier in Bengaluru.


Building houses or properties that become our permanent homes isn’t easy. Making the right choice requires you to put in a lot of hard work and mindfulness into it. This will enlighten you about the A Khata, B Khata & E Khata and everything in between. Read along!

What is A Khata, B Khata & E Khata?

When we talk about A Khata, we refer to a document that certifies that the owner of a certain property has paid the requisite property tax and owns it legally. BBMP introduced this document to make the tax collection process easier in Bengaluru. A Khata an individuals can also apply for trade and building licenses and a home loan.

B Khata, on the other hand, is a document that allows the BBMP to collect property tax from illegal properties in Bangalore. It is more of a register for such illegal constructions. It includes those buildings violating specific bylaws, unauthorised layouts, and properties that do not own a valid certificate of completion.

E Khata, short for Electronic Khata, is the certification issued by the BBMP via electronic medium through the official BBMP website. It contains the property owner’s name, taxation details, location, area, etc.

Distinctions among A Khata, B Khata & E Khata?

Legality: A Khata property meets all the legal requirements, like property tax payment, certificate of completion, etc., to be claimed as legal property by the owner. Meanwhile, B Khata is the register for illegal constructions and properties.

Documents: B Khata Property holders are still considered illegal constructions even though you may own the property ownership documents. On the other hand, A Khata property holders have legal documents, and their constructions aren’t considered illegal if the owner has paid the requisite due tax amount.

Ease of payment: A Khata & B Khata property holders do not have as easy access to payment methods as E-Khata property holders. It allows the latter population to pay their property taxes online without hassles.

Is E Khata equivalent to A Khata?

E Khata is the electronic version of the property certificate that signifies the owner’s name, area, location, details of the property taxation, etc. These details are also available when you apply for A Khata. Hence, E Khata can be considered at par to A Khata.

Advantages of possessing an A Khata?

Being the foremost property certification among the three, it has certain major perks you should know of. They are:

  • Permit: When you own a specific A Khata property, you get permission to carry out construction in that area.
  • Choice: What kind of construction do you wish to execute – residential or commercial? You get the choice when you own an A Khata property.
  • Scope: If you wish to apply for a loan from a bank or a financial institution, then a Khata A property opens doors to various options and enables you to construct easily.
  • Credibility: A Khata certification helps add credibility to your offer if you wish to resell or transfer the ownership of your property.

Drawbacks or disadvantages associated with owning a B Khata?

Since B Khata certification comes with its own set of concerns, we need to make sure you know them all to make an informed decision for yourself. So let’s take a look:

  • Rights: Like A Khata, B Khata certification does not give the property owner the right to build or construct anything on that property. It promises no building rights, and you may end up in legal trouble if you try to do so.
  • Validity: B Khata is not a legal ownership document of the particular property. It does not promise any credibility to its owner.
  • Trust: The document needs credibility for the owner to request a loan from any bank or financial institution. Hence, it may not be a safe choice after all.

How To Convert B Khata To A Khata?

Understanding the legal requirements and preventive measures for any property, B Khata can be converted into A Khata using these measures:

  • Step 1: Apply to the District Commissioner (DC) Conversion to turn the property from agricultural to non-agricultural use. 
  • Step 2: Clear the dues of property taxes up to the current date as per government regulations.
  • Step 3: Apply for the Khata certification issued by the BBMP office and mention the requisite details.
  • Step 4: Collate the essential documents for submission with the form of Khata certification.
  • Step 5: Make the BBMP Betterment Charges. It is the fee for converting B Khata to A Khata certification. Then, submit the documents mentioned above to the Assistant Revenue Officer of the specific area. The process takes approximately six weeks after the submission. 

Hence, before buying any property, A Khata is the best certification to look for.