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Top Places to Buy Flats in Bangalore – 2023

Bangalore is one of the fastest-developing Indian cosmopolises. On the contrary, if your purpose is to find a flat for your own occupancy, the best place to buy flats in Bangalore would be in the proximity of your workplace, so that travel time to work is reduced efficiently.


Bangalore is one of the fastest-developing Indian cosmopolises. Popularly, it is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Nonetheless, just like opting to live in any other megacity in India or elsewhere, one needs to do careful exploration before zeroing in on the decision. Umpteen choices are available.

Factors that may affect your choice

Although the list of options for choosing the most appropriate location to purchase your flat in Bangalore is adequately long, various factors may lead you to decide on one. The most credible ones are as follows –

Objectives: If you are searching for a flat in the megacity for the purpose of investment with a low present cost but future appreciation along with rental income, you have places like North Bangalore [Devanhalli]. Besides, if you are looking for a high monthly rental income, there are places like Whitefield, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Bellandur, and so on.

On the contrary, if your purpose is to find a flat for your own occupancy, the best place to buy flats in Bangalore would be in the proximity of your workplace, so that travel time to work is reduced efficiently. Consequently, it would save you an ample amount of money along with the peace of mind with which you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Budget: As may seem obvious, a meticulous computation of your budget and expenses would come in handy while considering all the options to choose from.

Lifestyle: Your preferences and priorities depend a lot on your lifestyle—whether you need the flat to be close to a mall, cafeterias/restaurants, sporting arenas, parks, hospitals, colleges, etc. If they are looking for a flat for their own occupancy, most people choose one near their workplace.

Trending whereabouts to buy flats in Bangalore

Here is a list of the prime neighborhoods you may consider to purchase a flat in the Silicon Valley of India, based on your preferences.

Koramangala: Overall, this area has superb security and communication. It is well-known for its passionate culinary culture, lively nights (often similar to those of Indiranagar), Forum Mall, and other amenities of this nature. The best places to live close to Electronic City are either Koramangala or the nearby HSR Layout. The location also makes it easy to access the rest of the city.

Sarjapur Road: East Bangalore is the location of this hot market to buy flats in Bangalore. The key IT centers of Whitefield, Electronic City, and Marathahalli are 15 kilometers apart from the stretch. Moreover, it has good access to the industrial areas of Sarjapur and Bommasandra. Due to its excellent systems, this location avoids becoming congested or polluted. The neighborhood is best described as having lush greenery and broad roadways.

Sarjapur Road also provides sound connections to Whitefield, Marathahalli, Bellandur, and Electronic City. It is also anticipated that upcoming infrastructure projects, Namma Metro Line 2 and Line 5, will provide connectivity to neighboring places and add to its favorability.

Kanakapura Road: Lavish-yet-reasonably-priced options are available in this locality. Kanakapura Road is a popular residential hub because of its optimal connectivity to other parts of Bangalore via NICE Road and Outer Ring Road. The adjoining railway station is undoubtedly a plus. Besides, seamless connectivity to popular IT hubs has resulted in robust demand from the tenant community.

Bannerghatta Road and Hosur: When it comes to all-around city accessibility, pricing, availability, and other necessary urban amenities, these areas are all at par. Bannerghatta Road is quite a cost-effective option as a locality to buy flats in Bangalore, compared to the neighboring ones.

Whitefield-Bellandur Road [Outer Ring Road or ORR]:  Besides having most of the much-needed facilities nearby, this beautiful stretch is the third biggest home to IT companies like Adobe, Oracle, and Ecospace. These amenities include but are not limited to institutes, hospitals, and shopping complexes.

Electronic City: Well-known as a must-consider location to buy flats in Bangalore because of its rental values, Electronic City has a praiseworthy social infrastructure and good connectivity. Electronic City, despite being one of India’s largest electronic and information technology hubs, is still reasonably priced.

Yelahanka: Yelahanka, which is barely 20 kilometers from the airport, boasts a sophisticated social infrastructure. It is also properly connected to the city’s other IT hubs, including Whitefield, Hebbal, and others. Several hospitals, shopping centers, and educational institutions are located in this area.

Hebbal: Hebbal is undoubtedly one of north Bangalore’s most affluent and developed neighborhoods. It is a residential market that appeals to investors as well as end users because it is a popular place to rent a home. Although traffic jams are common in this area, it is anticipated that conditions will soon improve as a result of several forthcoming initiatives. Two additional metro stations, Hebbal North (Silk Board—Airport) and Hebbal West (JE Nagar—Hebbal), are also being considered for the area.


Bangalore is one of the evergreen cities of our nation. It is advisable to decide your preferences and priorities before starting the hunt for your would-be flat in this swift-paced metropolis of India. The range of options available to choose from is not only long and amazing but also expected to get even better in the coming times.